image Prof.
Ryo Yoshida
yoshidar at ism ac jp
image Project Assistant Professor
Liu Chang
image Project Researcher
Yoh Noguchi
image Project Researcher
Guo Zhongliang
image Research Student
Minoru Kusaba
image Research Student
Shunya Minami
image Research Student
Zhang Qi
image Research Student
Megumi Nishimura
image Secretary
Rumiko Yokomori
image Secretary
Yasuko Taguchi
image Assoc. Prof. at Computer Science and Systems Engineering, Kyushu Institute of Technology
Visiting Assoc. Prof. at Institute of Statistical Mathematics

Terumasa Tokunaga Personal HP
image Doctor (completed in 2014)
Hiroshi Yamashita
Doctoral thesis: "Chemical structure modeling with kernel methods"
image Terumasa Tokunaga Personal HP
(left at the end of March, 2015)
image Doctor (completed in 2017)
Hisaki Ikebata
image Assist. Prof. at The Institute of Statistical Mathematics
Stephen Wu Personal HP
(left at the end of March, 2017)
image Researcher at the National Institute for Materials Science
Guillaume Lambard
(left at the end of March, 2018)
image Assistant Professor at Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences
Hironao Yamada
(left at the end of March, 2019)
image Doctor (completed in 2019)
Yumi Kawamura
Doctoral thesis: "Statistical inference of the rate of RNA polymerase II elongation by total RNA sequencing"
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